Get back to being active.

Undergoing a surgical procedure is hard on both the body and the mind. Physical therapy after surgery is crucial for getting back to daily activities.

In fact, the exercises and treatment plan that you get from physical therapy can help you recover faster, will benefit your overall well-being, and can prevent complications and re-injury.

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Benefits of Physical Therapy Post-Surgery:

Promote the proper healing process by minimizing scar tissue


Includes patient in
active recovery

Improves range
of motion

Helps with pain

Minimizes risk
of blood clots

Physical Therapy Services

From joint replacements to back surgery, we have helped a variety of patients return to better health. Other major surgeries we’ve seen and helped with post-surgical rehabilitation include:

Orthopedic surgery
Hip replacement/knee replacement
ACL reconstruction

A Patient at the physiotherapy doing physical exercises with his therapist

High Desert Therapists Promise

We care about each and every one of our patients and their goals to get back to physical activity. Our physical therapists are skilled, compassionate, and ready to guide you on your recovery process using evidence-based treatment plans.

Rehabilitation is in reach.

Referrals are required by insurance carriers, however, please contact us to discuss treatment options and prices if you do not have insurance.
Bilingual services available at our Dayton and Sparks locations.