Sports physical therapy to get you back in the game.

Sports medicine differs a little bit from general physical therapy in that it is focused more on pain resulting from a particular sport or can help with injury prevention. Our sports therapists and clinicians are highly trained and are ready to get you back to winning.

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Healthy athletes, strong athletes.

Sports therapy and rehabilitation techniques can help you avoid pain medication and play sports with the least amount of pain possible. Because there are certain exercises that focus on enhancing flexibility, mobility, range of motion, limb responsiveness, and building strength in the right muscles, sports therapy is key to getting you back to daily play.

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Our sports therapy programs, rehab techniques, and manual therapy will improve the following:



Pain management


We understand movement.
We understand wellness.
We understand peak performance.

Our specialized physical therapists are educated and experienced in body mechanics and know the toll that high-performance sports can take. We are here to bridge the gap between recovery, discomfort, pain, and being the best athlete you can be.

From neck pain or back pain to a specific sports injury like torn ligaments that need focus, our therapy services will get you back in the game. We provide manual therapy, dry needling, and personalized treatment plans for sports-related injuries and issues. If necessary, we can consult the use of custom-made orthotics.

Rehabilitation is in reach.

Referrals are required by insurance carriers, however, please contact us to discuss treatment options and prices if you do not have insurance.
Bilingual services available at our Dayton and Sparks locations.