Return to work even stronger.

If you’ve completed our work injury rehabilitation program but still don’t feel prepared to return to work, then you may benefit from a work hardening or work conditioning program.

You will take what you learned in work injury rehab and apply it to real-life scenarios that mimic your job description best. By performing specific exercises and tasks that mimic your job duties, you can feel more confident in returning to work stronger and safer.

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Goals of a Work Hardening Program

Improve functional ability and body mechanics
Increase endurance and tolerance
Stabilize injured area
Strengthen muscle and physical capacity
Patient education for injury prevention
Establish cognitive-behavioral pain management
Regain cardiovascular, metabolic, and neuromuscular function
Improve motor control

A Patient at the physiotherapy doing physical exercises with his therapist

What is a work hardening program?

A work hardening program is an extension of work injury rehabilitation. It is a program designed to mimic specific job duties in order for the injured worker to safely and effectively return to their job. Our goal is to restore the patient’s physical, functional, and vocational skills in order to return to work.

How it works:

A Patient at the physiotherapy doing physical exercises with his therapist

Work Injury Rehab

Ideally, you’ve gone through work injury rehab with High Desert Therapists but feel that you aren’t 100% ready to return to work. Alternatively, you may have completed a Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) and we determined that you would benefit from a work hardening program.


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Work Hardening Referral

We will refer you to a work conditioning program if we feel you could benefit from more therapy and targeted exercises. This is the step where we will also be in contact with your medical providers, your employer, and your workers’ compensation case manager.

Young physiotherapist helping man exercise with dumbbells

Work Hardening Program

Your physical therapist will simulate your work environment as closely as they can in order to strengthen your capacity for certain tasks. You will perform work activities in our clinic using our state-of-the-art therapeutic equipment and resources. We will also create an at-home rehabilitation treatment program for you to follow.


Patient Education

We always ensure our patients are prepared to return to work with all the resources necessary to prevent reinjury. We want you to return to work as safely and effectively as possible!

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Successful Return to Work

You will return to work stronger and more prepared to complete your tasks in a safe and capable manner. We will provide you, your employer, and insurers with the necessary paperwork to clear you to return to your job.

Rehabilitation is in reach.

Referrals are required by insurance carriers, however, please contact us to discuss treatment options and prices if you do not have insurance.
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