Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCEs) to get you back to work.

Sometimes after a workplace injury, your employer or insurance company providing disability benefits will request an FCE for you to return to work. As one of the only physical therapy clinics in Northern Nevada to offer FCEs, we can help you establish your functional abilities and get you back on the job.

An FCE is a complex, variable, and multifaceted evaluation to assess an injured worker’s physical capabilities. We can provide generalized FCEs or prepare evaluations for certain job-specific functions. For specialized FCEs, we can establish goals and requirements tailored to real-life situations and tasks depending on the job description.

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Functional testing includes:

Physical Strength/
Physical Abilities


Range of



Most patients who require FCE testing have utilized our physical therapy services after they were injured at work. But if you haven’t gone through our physical therapy process, we can still provide you with an FCE.

Our process:

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You will first meet with a physical therapist to establish what your test will look like and how to pass it to return to work.

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We will need to find the baseline for your physical capacity first and foremost. Then we will decide what type of test to administer whether it is a general FCE or specific to your job. Most tests are performed within four to six hours while some can take place over two consecutive days.

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We can provide your employer, insurer, clinicians, and anyone else involved with your injury or workers’ compensation claim with the FCE report. We are also able to recommend additional vocational rehabilitation or occupational therapy if necessary.


Patient Education

We always aim for our patients to leave our clinic more educated about their injury, often with a detailed at-home treatment program. This will ensure the person’s ability to return to work safely and minimize the risk of reinjury.

High Desert Therapists is one of the only resources for functional capacity evaluations in Northern Nevada.

Rehabilitation is in reach.

Referrals are required by insurance carriers, however, please contact us to discuss treatment options and prices if you do not have insurance.
Bilingual services available at our Dayton and Sparks locations.